"With the help for Christina Daves, I landed my first column today!! Her encouragement and enthusiasm moved from writing my own personal blog on my own website to landing a column in a magazine! She not only suggested the right media outlets, but provided specific guidance on how and when to make the pitches. While the idea of PR is still overwhelming to me, Christina has outlined clear/easy steps for me to take; which is exactly what I need to make my dreams become reality."
Dr. Marci Beigel, Behavior & Beyond

"You are REALLY good at leading others to success"
Wendy Jones, Director of Corporate and Government Affairs, The Protocol School of Washington

"We really appreciated your visit, and the passion and excitement you brought! I usually don't take many notes because the info is non-relevant or already understood, but I could not stop writing today. You've gotten to know our business in a short while, and think you really offered some great advice. You also struck a note with me on how, with a little effort and a lot of focus, we can get our brand out there even more. Exponentially more."
Chris Capell, Owner Dizzy Pig BBQ

"The simple and timely advice Christina provided has opened my eyes and increased my profits."
Sabra Brown, S. Jane Brown Millinery

"I am so fortunate that I was introduced to Christina Daves with PR for Anyone. In a very short time Christina was able to get my product ZippedMe exposed on National media which has increased my sales and given me a positive rate of return. If you are looking for immediate exposure for your product then you need to get in touch with Christina. "
Jody Harris, Founder and CEO of ZippedMe

"If we could figure out how to bottle your passion...your energy...your perserverance, we'd make a billion dollars!"
Gary Robinson, President of PM Express, Inc.

"I met Christina while in Washington, DC working on a television special. She offered her services for a client who had an injury and was wearing a leg cast. When I saw her product, I was intrigued by the possibilities they offer. With a simple addition of a boot cover or ornament, a leg cast is transformed into a stylish accessory. Castmedic creatively addresses a market niche that has been under served, until now!"
Phyllis Toney: Owner at Toney Saunders Designer, Costume Designer and Stylist

"I had the pleasure of meeting Christina while I was a judge on The Steve Harvey Show, during their first-ever Inventor Contest. Christina & her product, CastMedic Designs was the product that we chose to win a $10,000 prize from InventHelp. Christina is a sharp and well-rounded inventor, with a great product. She had a great pitch and her product was eye-catching and had that "wow" factor. She was great to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future!"
Nicole M. Hait: Director of Corporate Communications & Trade Show Director, InventHelp

"I met Christina because she was a guest on my radio show! I found her products to be an amazing much needed addition to the medical product category. Her passion, determination, and business smarts have gotten her company to grow so quickly. She is going to do big things and it couldn't happen to a nicer gal!"
Debbie Bliwas Glickman: Founder and President, Fairytale Wishes, Inc and Radio Show Host

"Christina demonstrates a true talent for product development and marketing. She possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Equally important, her products show a real flair and value to the customer."
George Harben, CEcD, CCR: Director, Existing Business at Prince William County Department of Economic Development

"Christina is one of the most focused and high energy business women I know. She is willing to help anyone and takes this spirit with her into her business. I believe it is one of the main reasons her company is so successful. I highly recommend her products, company and her!"
Joan Fletcher: President, Winning Ways, Inc.

"Christina Daves is one of the most driven and talented persons I've known. Her product line for CastMedic Designs company is brilliant! Christina has marketing talent as well as talent as an inventor."
Bryan Toder: The No Fear Guy, The No Fear Zone

"Christina is an incredibly driven, talented and passionate business owner who has created life changing products. We have been so impressed with the growth of her business and the quality of the products she designs. She is an unstoppable and inspiring woman!"
Melinda Knight: Co-owner of The Women Inventorz Network, which is the premiere organization for women inventors

"Christina is always on the leading edge with her business. She is a smart, creative business person who understands the importance of focus and strategy."
Sandra Faleris: Freelance Writer